The Committee

Harry Wynne

Harry is the face of the society within the union. They look after the society as a whole and can be found helping out in lots of areas. Harry's key responsibilities include representing the society in meetings throughout the SU and the University as well as chairing our meetings and making sure we all behave ourselves!

Mostafa Aly

Mostafa watches carefully over our finances. Whenever we buy or hire anything, Mostafa processes the associated paperwork. They also look after the invoicing of events. Mostafa is the go-to person if you need to file an expense, have a question about event finance or want to know how much we spend on tape!

Thomas Seccombe

Thomas is in charge of the admin. They take minutes at the various meetings, books rooms on behalf of events, looks after the office, maintains the multitude of mailing lists and all sorts in between. When you sign up and buy membership you'll deal with Thomas initially and they'll get you settled in and signed up for everything you need. Thomas also takes care of general enquiries.

Production Manager
Jack Woods

Jack is in charge of events, from accepting booking requests to finding crew. All booking requests are forwarded to Jack and they try to balance our event calendar whilst finding an event manager to look after the event itself. Jack supports the event managers during events and helps with finding crew. If you want to get involved in an event then Jack is the person to talk to.

Equipment Officer
Aidan Walker

Aidan is responsible for all of our kit from start to finish. This includes procuring equipment for purchase, maintenance of the kit, frequent electrical testing and storage all the way through to sale, disposal or donation. Aidan leads this effort with many members of the society joining in to keep out kit happy and healthy.

Training and Safety Officer
Oliver Hewitt

Oliver is your Training and Safety Officer. They are responsible for all of our safety paperwork covering what we do, how we do it, and all the legal bits in between. Most importantly, they are there to make sure you are safe whilst having fun! Oliver also looks after the extensive Backstage training programme; organising both internal and external training sessions to help further the skills of our crew!

Social Secretary
Kim Owen

Kim is here to ensure we have an excellent social life! They organise the famous pub tour, annual BTS Christmas Meal, various theatre trips and outings as well as providing you with as much BTS branded gear as you'd like. Whether you've got an idea for socials or crew clothing, let Kim know!

Welfare and Inclusivity Officer

Improving how Backstage runs to ensure an inclusive and fun society