About Us

What are we about?

Backstage Technical Services is a group of overworked, under-fed and (if it's possible to say this) under-slept students who provide technical expertise to other Students' Union Clubs and Societies and event organisers in Sound, Lighting and Stage Management.

The fact that we exist solely to assist other societies and members of the Union and University to put on events makes Backstage a unique group within the Students' Union, although we operate according to society rules and are just as much a club/society as any other.

What types of event do we provide services for?

All of the big events (and most of the smaller events) are crewed by members of Backstage - all of the bands that appear in the Tub, the experience that is Freshers' Week, The Summer Ball, plays by Bath University Student Theatre (BUST), musicals by Bath University Student Musical Society (BUSMS) and many, many more.

We work both on- and off-campus providing lighting, sound, set design, pyrotechnic, stage management and event management expertise.


Backstage run a training course which provides continuous training from basic to advanced level on a wide range of subjects. Our training is open (and completely free) to all BTS members. Sessions this year have included stage management, sound engineering, lighting design and pyrotechnics.


You can submit a booking for Backstage using the online booking form.